Posted on November 2007

Research proposal template

Majority of papers are based on a certain structure, or a particular template. Research proposal is a unique type of assignment, so, no wonder you will need to follow a research proposal template to meet all the requirements.
If you do not have much time for consulting your teacher or going to the library to find a research proposal template- this article is designed for you. So, let us not waste our time and move on straight to the template of your future research proposal.
Chapters of research proposal template
An A paper is a well-organized and well-structured paper, so even such relevantly short assignment as a research proposal should be divided into chapters. In this article’s research proposal template it is recommended to divide your paper into five distinctive chapters:

  1. Research proposal template’s introduction
    This part should contain some general introductive sentences on your issue, then the statement of the issue and justification of its significance.
  2. Background section of a research proposal template
    You need to provide your target reader-most likely your committee- with information on historical data, scientific theories relevant to your research problem.
  3. Methodological section of a research proposal template
    This section of the paper is the most time-consuming. You are supposed to not only restate the purpose of your study, but explain what instruments and methods will be used, how much time you will need and what your expectations on the outcome of the research are.
  4. Description of results in your research proposal template
    Results of your paper should be presented in a logical and summarizing way.
  5. Conclusion of the research proposal template
    Summary of supportive arguments and findings, recommendations for improvement and references are integral parts of the conclusion.

Writing a paper on the basis of the research proposal template is saving your time and efforts, since you do not need to think about structure, simply follow your research proposal template.

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