Posted on December 2007

Master’s Thesis Proposal

Master’s thesis proposal is a kind of a draft written with the purpose of making sure that you are allowed to investigate the topic of your thesis and to make sure the way of your investigation is chosen correctly. Master’s thesis is a kind of research which allows you to get a master’s degree. You have to show it to your supervisor and consult him/her about your future project.
Before writing your master thesis proposal you have to make a plan of your master thesis. It is not necessary for your master thesis plan to be final, – it may be edited later. Show it to your supervisor and, perhaps, he/she will give you a good piece of advice on editing your plan. Master’s thesis proposal passes through 3 stages of writing:

  1. Choosing the topic of thesis;
  2. Collecting the sources;
  3. Writing the master’s thesis proposal.

Choosing the topic of your master’s thesis proposal you should realize that it should be interesting to you and you should be the first who made an attempt to investigate it.
Collecting the sources means you should find the sources relevant to the present days. You may resort to the works by researchers who have investigated the similar topic. Perhaps, they will be rather useful for writing your master’s thesis proposal.
The process of writing your master’s thesis proposal implicates informing about the parts of your master’s thesis. Your master thesis proposal should contain the description of introduction of your master’s thesis, the body and conclusion.
Many people make use of the masters thesis proposal at the presentation. It helps them to rally the thoughts and focus on the most important issues of their master theses.
Summing up everything said above, masters thesis proposal is one of the most essential parts of your thesis project which should be written to present the main idea of your master thesis.

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