Posted on December 2007

Research proposal

When asked what research proposal is about, many students fail to give the correct answer. So, this article would be useful for the majority of students, since it gives clear a definition of the research proposal and describes its structure and its guidelines.
Defining research proposals
Research proposal is a brief description of a student’s research plan, which will be conducted later. The purpose of this paper is to explain why you have chosen this particular issue and what techniques will be used to research it. However, many students confuse research proposal with the research paper or dissertation, where the background information on the issue and the research’s findings are presented.
The structure of the research proposals
Even this short paper should be written on the basis of a certain structure. Here is the sequence of paper’s sections:

  • Relatively short introduction with the hypothesis to be examined;
  • Justification of the research of this particular issue;
  • Description of your research plans: methodology, time frames, possible difficulties, expected outcome.

Cooperation with your research proposal supervisor
It would be a very wise decision to consult your examiner while writing a research proposal. On the one hand your supervisor would provide you with all guidelines for this paper, and advise on the list of sources to look through. On the other hand your efforts to complete the paper better will be noticed by your examiner, and he/she will be willing to give you a higher grade even in spite of some minor mistakes.
When you are done writing your research proposals, you should be ready to defend this paper in front of the committee. However, if you put in a lot of efforts to complete your research proposal, there is nothing to be afraid of – just be confident and persuasive.

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