Posted on December 2007

Term Paper “How To’s”

When you face the task of writing a term paper a lot of term paper “how to’s” come to your mind. In this article we will try to answer the main term paper “how to” questions for you not to be puzzled by the difficulties that writing a term paper may hold in its store.
Term Paper: How to Organize Your Time
We advise that you should create a schedule for your work and follow it strictly. Work on a regular basis, do not put off the research and writing process. Start with the most difficult tasks and then come to the easiest ones.
Term Paper: How to Choose a Topic
If you are given an opportunity to select the term paper topic, mind the following criteria:

  • The topic should be interesting to you;
  • The problem for investigation should correspond to your academic level, being challenging at the same time;
  • The topic should be valuable from the scientific point of view;
  • The problem should be worth exploring;
  • It should appeal to your tutor.

Term Papers: How to Handle the Materials
Define what primary and secondary sources you will need and how to get access to them. Resort only to reliable and valuable sources. They should fit each other and be up-to-date.
When you study the sources take clear and concise notes. Arrange them systematically in the way you are going to do in your term paper.
Term Papers: How to Write a Bibliography
There are no common rules for all term papers. They differ according to the reference style you choose for your writing. Get to know the rules of your reference style and follow the format required. Remember that every time you fail to acknowledge the sources you use, you are engendered to be blamed for plagiarism.
Of course, these are not all of the term paper “how to’s” that might worry you. For the rest term paper “how to’s” address your tutor. He/she knows the answers to all of your questions for sure.

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