Posted on December 2007

Coursework Literature

Is it possible to write a good coursework without referring to the list of recommended literature? The answer is no.
Certainly, you may try to invent a dozen of methods how to escape going to the library and making a coursework literature overview. But it is much easier to follow the requirements of your examiner and spend some time working on the courseworks on literature.
Besides, this article will be of great help for you in writing a good paper that is based on the considerate amount of coursework literature sources. So, here are the tips for you on how to work with courseworks on literature:

  • Library, Internet and media are the three sources which will help you write your coursework. It is recommended that at least 60% of your coursework literature is drawn from the reputable sources from the library. Only after going to the library, you are supposed to surf through the Internet and search for additional information. Finally, media is another option for you, but it takes awhile to find the right information and analyze it.
  • Coursework literature contents should correspond to the topic you are covering. Certainly, you are trying to broaden the narrow issue of your coursework, but be sure to keep it to the point.
  • Coursework literature requires appropriate citing. The reference of coursework literature is the part where the greatest number of mistakes is made. Before you hand in your coursework – review your Bibliography page. Most probably, you will find some mistakes.

You should always remember that the first thing that is graded in your coursework is its contents. Moreover, writing a paper with “rich” contents and working on the courseworks on literature are two tightly connected processes, therefore, do not neglect the importance of coursework literature overview.

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