Posted on December 2007

Guide to writing a dissertation

Are you in the final stage of your education? Are you given rather complicated and time consuming tasks?! In spite of the fact that you have written a great number of papers, are you not sure how to write a dissertation?! Are you looking for a guide to writing a dissertation?!
You are lucky, because you are in the right place and, most likely, at the right time (hopefully, not too late). This article will serve you as a guide to writing dissertations. Let us present you our three essential tips.
Guide to writing a dissertation: Tip Number One:
You should start from thinking about the topic of your dissertation, and more importantly – its thesis statement. It is necessary to pick out the issue you will be interested to write about- this is the key rule of any guide to writing a dissertation.
Guide to writing a dissertation: Tip Number Two
It is advisable to create a broad dissertation database that will include all relevant to your dissertation’s thesis statement information. Information for your dissertation can be found in the library – textbooks, specialized magazines, newspapers. Some data can be drawn from the Internet, but if you can not rely on the quality of website’s information, it is better not to incorporate it into your paper.
Guide to writing a dissertation: Tip Number Three:
Any guide to writing dissertations will mention the importance of the dissertation structure. This paper is not a creative essay, but an assignment with a concrete outline and strict structure.
In the end, it should be said that your examiner or your committee will provide you with the best guide tips to writing a dissertation. So, you may go through numerous guides to writing a dissertation, but you should start from meeting the representative of your dissertation committee.

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