Posted on December 2007

Intermediate Coursework

Above all, let us explain what the intermediate coursework is. The intermediate coursework is a piece of academic writing which is normally taken in the middle of course. Intermediate coursework precedes the graduate coursework, which is normally taken at the end of the course.
The intermediate coursework is considered to be less serious than the graduate one. However, it does not mean that you should pay less attention to your intermediate coursework writing process. On the contrary, you should try to do your best while writing your intermediate courseworks. Then your teacher will be more loyal to you evaluating your graduate coursework.
Let us tell you the basic steps to the intermediate courseworks writing success.
You should begin your intermediate coursework writing with choosing a topic for your intermediate coursework. But you should remember that the topic should cover only narrow field of science. Let it be some narrow point of a big problem, which you will research in your graduate coursework. Then you will be able to include your intermediate coursework into your graduate coursework.
Find the background information for your intermediate coursework, and create the coursework outline. Let it contain only three standard parts (the Introduction, the Main Body and the Conclusion). Since you are researching a very narrow point, you should not subdivide your intermediate courseworks body into sections and chapters.
State the limit of your intermediate coursework and its parts. Let it be no more than five pages, a page for each part including the title page and the list of references. If you feel you need to consult your teacher, who will also help you to choose the intermediate coursework writing style, go for it!
Remember that you should treat your intermediate coursework quite serious. Otherwise its results may disappoint you a lot.

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