Posted on December 2007

Research Paper Proposal

Why is it so important to make your research paper proposal perfect? Many students believe that the role of a research paper proposal is limited to the introduction of the topic that will be developed later in the research paper.
The primary aim of any research paper proposal is to convince your committee that the issue you have chosen is worth researching. Moreover, your committee wants to be sure that you have a plan of how to develop the topic and they expect you to prove it in your research paper proposal. So, as you can see, a research paper proposal is far more important than the majority of us consider it to be.
Now you realize that it takes awhile to complete a research paper proposal, but you will save your time and efforts if you continue reading this article and follow the advice given below:

  • Choosing the best working title for your research paper proposals already means a considerate amount of your future research paper success. Why? If you enjoy covering the topic you have chosen, if this issue is appealing and up-to-date, it will be easy for you to work on this paper.
  • Your research paper proposal should necessarily include Introduction, Description of Thesis Statement, Methodology and Research outcomes sections, as well as the short Conclusion. Basically, you are to describe how, when and why you are going to research this particular topic.
  • Style of your research paper proposals should meet the following requirements: it should be brief, but informative, using simple language, built in logical and convincing way.

Now you should not have the question about the role of a research paper proposal. If you still have questions about organizing this paper, you should consult your research paper examiner and get all the answers.

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