Posted on December 2007

Coursework Revision

Are you given your coursework back for revision? That is not fair! But hey, you have an opportunity to redo your coursework and make it perfect. Take this chance for correcting the mistakes and the general organization of your coursework. You do not know what to start with? Do not worry about this, as we will help you with your coursework revision by providing the tips on effective courseworks revision.
Tips on Writing a Coursework Revision:
Coursework revision: Tip 1: Check the structure of your coursework. Your coursework should have all necessary components: the introduction, data presentation, data analysis, and the conclusion. Perhaps, you have omitted one of these components.
Coursework revision: Tip 2: Check the format of your coursework. Make sure your dissertation is written and formatted in a required style. Be ready to correct a huge number of coursework components if your format is wrong: title page, bibliography page, page numbers, reference page, citation style, and abbreviation.
Coursework revision: Tip 3: Check the grammar and spelling mistakes. It is preferable to use encyclopedias or dictionaries while checking your grammatical or spelling mistakes.
Coursework revision: Tip 4: Check the punctuation. Large number of courseworks is given back for coursework revision if their punctuation is wrong.
Coursework revision: Tip 5: Check the whole organization of your coursework. This implies the size of your coursework and the way you stated your thoughts. Perhaps, some of them are not clear enough.
Coursework revision: Tip 6: Check the presence of appendices in your coursework. Whether the graphs, tables, and schemes are formatted correctly and mentioned in the text.
As far as you can see, coursework revisions can be done properly, the main thing is to know exactly what points to review and correct. Coursework revision is you chance to make your grade excellent, do not miss this chance.

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