Are you preparing for your dissertation defense? You must be worrying a lot! Do you know the main factor conditioning successful dissertation defense? You just have to know the right approach to the members of the committee. And in order to find these approaches, you should know who will be listening to you while your dissertation defense.
Some people may spend sleepless nights before their dissertation defense, but they will not succeed until they do not know who will be present and who will be listening to their dissertation defense. It is extremely important to know this, do not you think so? It is a kind of a psychological trick that you will play on the committee, a kind of manipulation.
The 1st thing you may do, when preparing your dissertation defense, is to ask you friends, who are older than you and who graduated from your university, about the members of the committee. Ask what each of them likes to hear during the dissertation defense and what should be omitted during the presentation. Sounds a bit subtly, doesn’t it? But sometimes, students have to use monkey business if they want to succeed in their dissertation defense.
One more important thing about your dissertation defense is that it implies a bit of acting. You are not a superman/superwoman who never worries about anything. We are all human beings and tend to worry under the influence of our fears. So, make a confident expression on your face and play your part so, that everyone would like and enjoy your playing. Show them you are confident and have enough analytical thinking and research abilities.
And at the conclusion, let us encourage you a bit. Smile! You are perfect! You have done a great job and may be proud of it. Show your best during your dissertation defense and you will certainly succeed.

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