Posted on January 2008

Resistance Coursework

Very often students face difficulties connected with writing a resistance coursework. That is why the tips on writing a resistance coursework are what you might be looking for. The ideas you will find in this article can be useful for you, especially if you have to write a fire resistance coursework.
Start writing your resistant coursework with stating the purposes of your investigation. Probably, the better formulation of your resistant coursework statement is “to investigate the factors that promote fire resistance…”. What is meant here is that you should investigate how thickness, length, temperature, voltage and material promote fire resistance. The best method to achieve your purpose is, of course, to undertake an experiment.
So, the main body of your resistant courseworks should describe your research procedure. Describe the way you were conducting your experiment and present your research results. Remember that you should provide the formulas as well. So, the main body of your resistant coursework is the presentation of the practical actions in combination with your theoretical knowledge.
Present the results obtained in the table. The evaluation should describe the results you have got. Explain what you have done. Compare the results you have got with what you have already known.
Draw a conclusion in the end of your resistant coursework. Say something, like “I aimed to investigate the fire resistance. For this purpose I have chosen the experiment as the most effective method of this topic investigation. On the basis of the experiments conducted I have found out that fire can be resistant due to several factors. They are thickness of the material, its length, temperature, voltage and the kind of this material…”.
When drawing the conclusion of your resistant courseworks, you may state the difficulties you have faced during your investigation and how you have managed to overcome them.

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