Posted on February 2008

Writing Spanish Coursework

Actually, Spanish coursework can be devoted to anything. The only thing you should know is Spanish language itself. Below you will find some tips on the topics for your Spanish courseworks:

  • Spanish coursework can be devoted to Spanish literature. If you choose this topic, think of some well-known representatives of Spanish literature and their works. Here you can mention Miguel de Cervantes (Don Quixote), Lope de Vega – the classic of Spanish theatre, Gustavo Adolfo Becquer with his rhymes and legends. Your Spanish courseworks can be even devoted to Cantar de Mio Cid. It is an epic of unknown author about a real man Cid who was protecting his country against Muslims. It will be perfect if you read original story written in ancient Spanish, but to do that you need to know Spanish very well or ask your tutor for help.
  • Spanish coursework can be devoted to Spanish language and its peculiarities. Spanish is rather an ancient language. It derived from Vulgar Latin. Today it is an official language in 21 countries and is most spoken Romance language: for nearly 400 million people all over the world this language is native.
      • In your Spanish coursework you can tell about Spanish history or some particular historic periods such as Muslim Occupation and Reconquista, Spain under Habsburgs, Golden Age or Siglo de Oro, Spain during Napoleonic Wars.
      • Your Spanish coursework can be devoted to some special topics like Spanish Armada, which was unconquerable or Spanish Inquisition, its organization and functioning.
      • In your Spanish courseworks you can reveal some general topics, such as traditions, cuisine, the most famous cities and their places of interest, arts, architecture or music.

      When writing your Spanish coursework, you will definitely need to use dictionaries and not only for translation, but also for complete understanding of some terms. That is why you should find Phraseology dictionary or dictionary of Spanish idioms.

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