Posted on February 2008

Catalase Coursework Tips

If you study Biology, you may get a task to write a catalase coursework. For students who study Biology it is not a difficult task, but they should keep in mind that people who are not into Biology should also be able to understand this work.
So, when you choose a topic for your catalase coursework, it should be rather understandable for everybody and informative at the same time. So, what topics can you choose for your catalase coursework?

  1. Your catalase coursework can be devoted to the history of catalase. You can tell about Louis Jacques Thenard, who discovered hydrogen peroxide and made a suggestion that the reason of its breakdown is a substance. You should also tell about Oscar Loew, who gave a name to this substance (catalase) and noticed it in most living organisms.

  1. In your catalase coursework you can carry out research and find out its functions in living organisms. You should say that all animals have a catalase in every organ, and even among plants catalase is common.
  2. You can study in your catalase coursework the use of catalase in our life. For instance, it is used to remove hydrogen peroxide from milk before making cheese products. Catalase is also used in food wrappers that protect food from oxidizing. In your catalase coursework you can investigate the use of catalase in textile industry and even in contact lenses hygiene.

In the introduction of the catalase coursework, you should present your topic. Briefly say what it is about and why you think it is interesting and important for science. In the main text, tell about the research you have made and the methods you have used. In the conclusions of your catalase coursework tell about the results of your research.

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