writing a research proposalWhen you are in pursuit of a degree, you try to use all possible ways and methods in order to achieve the desirable goal. In this rush, writing a research proposal should take not the last place, but vice versa, one of the first ones.
So, let us talk a bit about writing a research proposal. This process is very important for those students who really want to start writing their projects as soon as possible.
Try to imagine that your grade is a candy, which lies on the top of a pyramid. In order to get it, you should climb up this pyramid. The same situation is with your grade. If you want to get it, you should apply some efforts first.
The first stage of this whole process (so-called climbing up the pyramid) is writing a research proposal. It is one of the most important steps for you. If you fail writing research proposals, you may run a risk of failing your complete project. The pyramid may be destroyed and you will never be able to achieve the goal!
You should work hard on writing a research proposal. First of all, think about general ideas for writing your research proposal: what you are going to disclose, what methods you are going to use and what results you expect.
Do not think that writing research proposasl will be easy – you will describe your paper briefly and that is all. No, it is not really so. You should evaluate the situation, make some drafts and format them appropriately. Think about such way of writing a research proposal that will make some sense. You should not go into details while writing the research proposal, just a brief review of the work.
The main purpose of this research proposal writing is to show your tutors that you are ready for this work and know how everything should be done!

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