nursing research proposalYou are right – writing a nursing research proposal is not easy. However, you should not expect to get easy assignments, especially, if you are a senior student. For example, if you have to write your Clinical research project, you do not think that this assignment is going to be fun and entertaining. No, this task should help you learn new things and deepen your knowledge, not entertain you.
So, let us not expect fun or easy assignments, instead – let us expect challenging and time-consuming papers or projects!
Besides, any challenging assignment, even your nursing research proposals, can turn out to be rather interesting. It is all up to you: how you organize your work on this nursing research proposal, how you plan your time. So, the stage of planning work on your nursing research proposal is up to you only. What we can help you with is the description of the basic elements of your nursing research proposals:

  • The cover letter of your nursing research proposal.
  • This is a one page long element, the purpose of which is to summarize what you are proposing, briefly describing the main idea of your nursing research proposal. You should really try to keep it short and convincing, since some professors will not read the next parts, but assess this element only.

  • The research proposal itself.
  • Some teachers will ask you to present this element of your nursing research proposal in the form of application. Your nursing research proposal will consist of certain questions and your answers to them. The good thing about this structure is that you do not have to think on your own outline, simply following the application form’s chain of questions.

So, the last thing left to do when you complete your nursing research proposal is to submit it on time.

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