articles about time management“Time is life…To waste your time is to waste your life. Time passes only once, yet many live their life as this was the practice for the next time!”- these words of Merrill Douglas should really make you think whether you value your own time or not.
When you are working on the articles on time management, you need to spend much time thinking about all kinds of issues connected with time. After reading this free article on time management, you will have a lot of ideas for writing your own piece.
Time as the most precious resource for humanity
Every introduction, including the introduction of your article about time management, should state some general things. Therefore, in your articles about time management you should explain why time is believed to be the most precious resource each of us has. Moreover, in your articles about time management, you should talk about the necessity to make maximum use of the time each of us has.
Time and our personal values
What is the connection between time and our personal values? In your article on time management, you should find this direct connection: we have our own values like integrity, honesty, compassion, and many others. The more important they are to us, the more time we spend developing them. In other words, in your articles on time management try to persuade your reader to make a list of his/her values and spend more time developing them.
Time and planning
In your articles on time management, you should tell how important it is to plan everything in advance. It would be great if you present a Time Matrix that helps people prioritize things in their lives by dividing them into urgent/not urgent and important/not important categories. To learn more about this Time Matrix and reflect it in your time management articles, surf the net.
After such deep investigation of the issue, you can start writing a Management coursework or even a research paper on time management.

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