Posted on August 2008

Free Research Paper Guide for You

research paper guideYou should know that any research paper guide may considerably ease your work. That is why before writing any paper, it is better to look for some interesting and not very complicated research papers guide.
In this article you will find quite a simple and rather helpful research paper guidelines composed by our professional writers.
Any research papers guide should point out the general requirements for academic writing:

  • Research paper’s topic should be approved by a tutor;
  • Research paper should be double-spaced.12 font size and Times New Roman are preferred;
  • 1-inch margins from all sides are required;
  • Research paper should be one-side printed;
  • Research paper should be written on the basis of at least 7 sources.

The next issue that has to be discussed in a research paper guide is the very process of writing. Our research papers guide is not an exception. Let us talk about the main steps that you should take:

  1. Choose a topic;
  2. Gather interesting material;
  3. Decide on the thesis statement of your work (the main idea you want to enlighten);
  4. Analyze all information found and organize it logically;
  5. Write the first draft variant of your research paper;

  1. Make necessary corrections and improve it;
  2. Present the final variant of your work.

These steps are not very difficult to take. You may use this research papers guide and check its reliability. Keep in mind the instructions given by your professor, brainstorm, analyze and follow this simple research paper guide.
If you have visited the most of your classes, invested enough time and efforts into completing this project, you have good chances to present a worth piece of work with the help of this research papers guide.

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