dissertation literature reviewA lot of students think that a dissertation literature review is a simple list of sources used for writing a dissertation. They believe that writing a dissertation literature review is not as significant as writing an introductory part, for example.
If you think this way, then you should read this article and clear up what a good dissertation literature review is about!
A dissertation literature review is definitely a valuable chapter. It has an introduction, the main body and a concluding part. Also, it has some certain functions you should know.

  • Dissertations literature review writing is aimed at showing students’ abilities in analyzing and synthesizing information and sources. Your dissertation literature review should be a kind of a critical essay, where you analyze the works of different authors in relation to your investigation.
  • Dissertation literature review writing implies a comparison of the ideas introduced by researchers working on the same topic. Some of them may be appropriate for your research, and some of them may be completely unacceptable! You should make a thorough analysis and present vivid arguments.
  • Dissertation literature review writing allows you to understand the chosen topic. You analyze what was already investigated and what aspects of your particular problem should be researched. This will surely help you choose the most suitable for your research methods.

If you face some difficulties while writing your dissertation literature review, it is better to pay attention to different dissertation tips. You can find a lot of helpful information and improve your writing.
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