Posted on September 2008

Law Dissertation

A law dissertation is a unique type of assignment, and its main difference from other writings lies in its style, argumentation, and length. In particular:

  • Law dissertation is a factual writing with a clear reasoning based on particular facts.
  • Law dissertation argumentation is a “net” of tightly connected and logical explanations of appropriate data, like cases, laws, legislative practices.
  • The length of a law dissertation may differ depending on the paper’s central issue, but it should be about twenty – thirty pages long.

Structure of a law dissertation paper
It cannot be denied that good organization of any law dissertation paper is already 20-50 % of a student’s grade. Consequently, it would be wise to follow the sections listed below:

  1. Title page of a law dissertation.
  2. Short summary of the chosen topic (also called an abstract).
  3. Table of contents.
  4. Introduction of a law dissertation: it should provide the reader with some relevant background information, author’s objectives, and expectations.
  5. Description of methodology used in a paper or simply the way the writer will research the main issue of a law dissertation.
  6. Literature analysis: it is a must to take advantage of the latest publications, which may serve as evidence.

  1. Conclusion of a law dissertation is mainly based on the previous section. Summary of the thesis idea of a paper and a brief description of evidences should be mentioned in this part.
  2. Section with recommendations is not compulsory, but it indicates that the author of a law dissertation understands the issue deeply.

In the end, it should be said that a law dissertation is not an English language essay, so only relevant information should be reflected in it.

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