Posted on October 2008

About Undergraduate Essay Competitions

sample undergraduate essayHave you ever heard about undergraduate essay competitions? Well, in fact, such competitions take place in many colleges/universities. If you start writing your application essay, keep in mind that it can be your undergraduate essay for a competition. This should motivate you to create a perfect piece of work!
Let us discuss how to prepare this undergraduate essay and succeed.

  1. Make certain preparations before writing the undergraduate essay.
  2. All institutions have their own requirements and rules! That is why, before you start writing the undergraduate essay, try to gather some info about the university/college you want to enter. Use several sample undergraduate essays of that particular university you want to enter and analyze them in details.
    These sample undergraduate essays will help you:

    • Find out what structure should be used;
    • Understand what style of writing is preferable;
    • Analyze what issues should be considered, and so on.
  3. Try to understand what you should focus on while writing the undergraduate essay.

    The key point of any undergraduate essay is honesty, desire to study and awareness of the main topic. However, to make your undergraduate essay better, you need to:

    • Present your interests;
    • Describe some of the major achievements;
    • State why you want to enter this particular university;
    • Formulate your opinion on some global issues, etc

This information should help you create the first draft and get a chance to participate in the undergraduate essay competition of your college/university.
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