Posted on December 2008

Free Hints for Critical Essay Writing

critical essay writingSo, you have to write a critical essay. You are a bit intrigued and even a bit happy. At last, you can attack someone’s work and tell everything you think about it. Well, do not hurry. Probably, you have an incorrect understanding of what critical essay writing means.
If this is the case, let us explain you what critical essay writing is about.
Critical essay writing is not a tough critique
Sorry to disappoint you, but you have to forget about attacking another author’s work. Do you know that very often the writer of a critical essay can agree with what the author is saying?
Then what does critical essay writing actually presuppose?
There are two interpretations of the word “critical” that you should understand. “Critical” means considering a certain work critically. It may also mean just your attitude towards a particular work. So, you have to use one of these approaches when writing your critical essay.
Still, mind some peculiarities of critical essay writing
Although you can express your attitude to someone’s work, critical essay writing is not about feelings and emotions. You just have to make claims and use facts to back up them.
What facts are used for critical essay writing?
The facts that you will work with when writing a critical essay are called quotations. In other words, you have to use evidences from the text to support your point of view.
So, if you feel a bit bellicose, it is better to get rid of such feelings. Critical essay writing requires your wisdom and sound mind.
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