Posted on January 2009

Essays on Buddhism – Tips for Writing

essays on BuddhismDo you know what Tipitaka, Dukkha, or Dhamma mean? What do you know about Prince Buddha and his teachings? These are in fact essential aspects that you should know to write an essay on Buddhism.
However, your awareness of the basic Buddhist concepts is not enough to write perfect essays on Buddhism. You need a catchy idea that will be the main focus of your essay on Buddhism. Do you have such idea?
Obviously, you do not. Actually, it is not a big deal. There are several good ideas that we suggest you develop in essay papers on Buddhism.
Tantric Buddhism
It is a sort of sect that arose from Buddhism after the death of Buddha. Tantric Buddhism is also called esoteric Buddhism. Its origins go back to India and Himalayas. What are its peculiarities? Find it out when writing your essay on Buddhism.
Zen Buddhism
Zen Buddhism, which is also known as Cha’an Buddhism, emerged in China. Later, Zen Buddhism emerged in Japan, and finally in America. Zen can be interpreted as “the discipline of enlightenment”. There is heaps of other interesting information to highlight in essays on Buddhism devoted to this topic.
Theravada and Mahayana – two basic branches of Buddhism
So, the followers of Buddhism are divided into two branches: those who follow Theravada (the way of the elders) and Mahayana (the great vehicle). What is the difference in beliefs and practices between these two branches? It can be the main question to answer in your essay on Buddhism. For instance, do you know that Mahayana monks criticize Theravada monks for being too concerned with their salvation? Tell about other differences in the essay on Buddhism.
If you take your essay on Buddhism seriously, it can be a good basis for your future RS coursework or Religion term paper.

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