Posted on January 2009

Recipe for Successful Essays on Atlantis

essays on AtlantisAtlantis…A legendary island…Was it a reality or just a myth? Why does it arouse so much interest even these days? What was so special about it? Students may answer these questions in their essays on Atlantis.
Still, it is definitely not enough to write an outstanding Atlantis essay. So, do you want to know the recipe for successful Atlantis essay papers?
First, you need to decide on the objective of your essay on Atlantis. Are you going to consider this issue in terms of the works of prominent philosophers? Or do you want to know the truth and find out whether it really existed?
If you choose the first option, take into consideration the following. Your essay on Atlantis can be based on three major works.

  • Plato’s dialogues “Critias” and “Timaeus”;
  • Essay of Francis Bacon “The New Atlantis”.

If seeking for truth is your hobby, then the second way of writing your essay on Atlantis will perfectly suit you. Some scholars do think that Atlantis was not a fiction but a real island. You can even find several theories as for its location and introduce them in the Atlantis essay.

  1. Atlantis was located in the Mediterranean Sea, somewhere near the islands of Sardinia, Sicily, Cyprus, Crete.
  2. Atlantis was located in the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. Atlantis was located in Caribbean (Bermuda Triangle, Bahamas, and Cuba).

Second, if you want to create a really impressive Atlantis essay, you need to find an unusual approach to covering the chosen idea in your essay. For instance, in your Atlantis essay, tell about Atlantis in literature, art, and popular culture.
Did you know that Heinrich Himmler organized an expedition to find Atlantis? What for? Tell about it in your Atlantis essay.

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