Posted on January 2009

How to Make a management project report

project management reportSo, you have just finished writing a project management plan, laborious work that cost you huge efforts. Now you have to write a project management report. Well, a project management report is no less difficult to prepare, but we will help you cope with this task successfully.
The key point of any project management report is a proper structure. The following constituents are an integral part of any project management report:

  • Title page – write down the title of your project management report and the date of submission.
  • Contents page – present a detailed plan of your project management report.
  • Signature page – include all the necessary signatures of the academic staff and administration of your institution.
  • Consultants – present the name of your advisors on this page of the project management report.
  • Acknowledgements – thank everyone who helped you in making the project.
  • Executive summary – give a short description of how the project was accomplished.
  • Introduction – state the purposes of the project. Tell how your management project report is organized.
  • Main Body – give detailed information on the work done in this part of the project management report. Did you achieve all purposes of the project? What were the difficulties of accomplishing the project? What lessons did you learn while preparing the project? What needs to be improved? Answer questions in this part of your report on project management.
  • Concluding remarks – introduce short conclusions on the work done in this part of the project management report.
  • Appendixes – if you have any pictures, survey results, etc., include them into this part of your management project report.

Follow this structure if you want to make your report on project management properly.
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