Posted on January 2009

Writing Winning Nursing Scholarship Essays

nursing scholarship essayA good nursing scholarship essay presents the highest level of academic writing skills and awareness of the subject. A winning nursing scholarship essay requires more than just knowledge. You need to single out among others, show your best. In this article, you will find how to achieve this purpose and create a winning nursing scholarship essay.

  1. Create an outline for your essay. Usually, the admission committee of nursing scholarship programs expects to get well-organized and coherent nursing scholarship essays. It is nearly impossible to write such an essay without a simple and clear outline. Nursing scholarship essays should consist of 3 main parts:
  • Introduction;
  • Main Body;
  • Conclusion.
  1. Meet the requirements. Some scholarships require experience in a certain field of nursing. Others may require attending a certain nursing school or program. Find out the main requirements of your scholarship and try to fulfill all of them while writing the nursing scholarship essay.
  2. Answer the research question set. One of the most effective ways to select the best applicants is to check whether they managed to answer the research question fully and directly. So, if you want to make a winning nursing scholarship essay, give a complete answer to the research question.
  3. Be original. Remember, you are not the only one who submits the nursing scholarship essay. You are not the only one who has an ability and desire to succeed and win the contest. In order to be original, you may either choose a unique topic or consider the given topic using some unusual approach.
  4. Ask others what they think about your nursing scholarship essay. When other people read your nursing scholarship essay, they can find mistakes made and suggest possible improvements. So, after you finish writing, ask your friends or family to review your paper.

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