essays on honor“I would rather die standing than live on my knees!”
Emiliano Zapata

Honor has always played an important role throughout the history. Men used to have duels to defend their honor. Losing honor was almost a deadly sin for women. What is the reason? What is so special about this human trait? Has the concept of honor changed and what does it mean nowadays?
There are many interesting questions that you can ask and answer in your essay on honor. However, you still need to think of one central idea for your essay on honor. This is what we are going to help you with.
Here are several ways of writing essays on honor.
The concept of honor
If you choose this way of writing your essay on honor, speak about the concept in general:

  • Give its official definition in your essay on honor.
  • Introduce your own understanding of honor.
  • Tell what it means personally for you.
  • Illustrate your assertions by giving examples.

Honor in the works of literature
If you like reading, this perspective for writing essays on honor is just for you. Works of literature are full of examples of real honor. We can recommend you use the following works in your essay on honor:

  • Richard III by William Shakespeare;
  • Iliad by Homer;
  • Beowulf – an epic poem.

Essays in honor of
Do you know someone you want to devote your essay to? Then write an essay in honor of this person. By the way, writing essays in honor of some professors or prominent scholars are common practice in many academic institutions.
You might be asked to discuss many other human characteristics in your papers. On our weblog, you will find reliable tips for writing an essay on loyalty and essay on responsibility.

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