representation essayDoes your task to prepare a representation essay make you seriously puzzled? Can you not get what a teacher means under “representation” and what he/she actually expects from your paper? Then we are sure you would not mind getting some explanations about representation essays and ideas for writing.
Before you get down to writing your representation essay, make sure you know what “representation” means. Here is a definition for you: “the act of representing” or “something that represents, as an image or likeness of something”.
Thus, the main thing you should do to prepare the representation essay is choose an image, which will serve as the main idea. Let us help you with it.
Women representation essays
This is the first idea that comes to mind because a lot of stereotypes have been surrounding women and, probably, still do. So, you may prepare a women representation essay and view the image of women in:

  • Literature. Take as an example for your representation essay Sophocles’s “Antigone” or any other work that you like.
  • Ladies’ magazines. Investigate what kind of image is created by this kind of magazines and present your results in the representation essay.
  • Movies. We suggest you take “Gone with the Wind” as the basis of your representation essay. Compare images of Scarlet and Melanie.

Minorities representation essays
Do you think that some unfair images of minorities are created by media or literature or vice versa? Write about that in your representation essay. Any newspaper article can be the basis of your paper.
See, women and minorities are just our examples. You can choose an image of anything that you are interested in. Good luck!
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