essays for and againstDo you have to write a for and against essay for the first time? Do you need clear and precise explanations? Then you are reading the right article, since here we present all the necessary guidelines for preparing for and against essays.
Let us start with general info about for and against essays. So, it is one more type of academic writing. Essays for and against something are usually devoted to debatable or controversial issues. Below we want to offer you the main points to be considered when completing for and against essays.
The gist of a for and against essay
What exactly are you supposed to do when writing essays of this type? To be specific, you will get a topic and will have to consider this issue from opposing positions, not simply present your standpoint about it. It means that you have to consider points for and against, pros and cons, positive and negative aspects of the issue.
Structuring for and against essays
To prepare your for and against essay, you can use traditional five paragraph format. Your paper will include the following:

  • An introduction, where you present a topic in a clear way without expressing own opinion.
  • Body paragraphs, where you consider points for and against, provide relevant examples, arguments, justifications, etc.
  • Conclusions, where you can sum up everything and present your position, side that you support.

Useful hints for writing for and against essays

To ensure the effectiveness of your for and against essay, try the following:

  • Before writing your paper, list on a piece of paper all for and against points.
  • Avoid strong language like “I am sure”, “I know”.
  • Find popular quotes that relate to your topic, which will make your essay more fascinating to read.

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