If you think that to write a “for and against” essay is an impossible task, you are wrong. In fact, it is quite easy to write this type of essay. Here you should consider pros and cons of something. Any “for and against” essay should contain not less than four paragraphs. It is the basic structure of a “for and against” essay.

The first paragraph of “for and against” essay: Introduction

The introduction part of “for and against” essay should enclose the issue. So, must tell the reader what you are going to consider in this paper. This part should not contain your point of view. You only state the fact that this or that exists.

Paragraphs 2 and 3 of “for and against” essay: Reasoning

The second paragraph of your “for and against” essay should consider the issue from the one side. You may choose whether you start with pros or cons in this part. The third paragraph of your “for and against” essay should consider (as you already guessed) the opposite point of view on the topic.

In these paragraphs you do not reveal your own ideas on the problem. You only state that there are such points of view which can be illustrated and proved by this and that.

The last paragraph of your “for and against” essay: Conclusion

Someone may ask, “And where is the personal attitude?” Well, the conclusion of your “for and against” essay may contain your personal point of view on the issue. However, you should remember that it is not enough to state what you think in your conclusion. You should explain why you think so.

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