Have you faced your first assignment on academic research paper writing? It’s time you learned how an academic research paper differs from other assignments that you worked on before. We hope this article will help you with this.

Academic Research Paper: What is It?

There are the following differences between an academic research paper and a high school essay:

  • While essay writing is mostly about expressing opinion and supporting it with arguments, academic research paper is all about setting questions about a subject, doing a research and providing the grounded answer.
  • Academic research paper writing implies objectivity. Every statement that you provide in your paper should be supported with evidence. There should not be “I” in your academic research paper. Instead of a researcher’s personality, the focus is on a subject.
  • Academic research paper writing requires using writing style that differs from that used in essays. No long sentences, no rhetoric questions, no exaggerations and metaphors.

Academic Research Paper: What for?

Well, we have discussed some aspects of academic research paper writing. But after the question “how” has been answered, the question “why” remains. Why should students write academic research papers? Why should they do it properly and put significant effort into it?

Let us now motivate you a bit about your academic research paper writing and outline some reasons why it is a good idea to take it seriously:

  1. Firs of all, a good academic research paper is your chance to receive a good grade! This motivational factor is a really strong one, isn’t it?
  2. A good academic research paper is an excellent way to thank your professor for his/her work. This person has spent years developing the interesting program that you will enjoy. Demonstrate that at least one topic has interested you and that you are glad to study it deeper.
  3. Academic research paper writing is an incredibly effective way to develop one’s writing skills. Do you hesitate that you will need them in your career? We assure you that you will: nowadays good writing skills are the “must-have” in any profession.

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