A plan is an integral part of most human activities. Some people prefer to follow an established plan, while others are known for their spontaneous actions. In this respect, it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons of using some plans in your activities.
If you want everything to be arranged perfectly, you should plan everything in advance and make sure, every step is followed by the next one in accordance with your plan. However, most plans are not so perfect as they seem to be from the beginning. So, you have to create some backup plans not to panic when something goes wrong. An essay outline is a plan of an academic paper that guarantees that you focus on a single aspect and develop the topic as required. There are several ways to stick to the point with the help of an essay outline:

  1. You can write down your ideas and make some notes on sequence of argumentation in the form of an essay outline. You have to pick certain facts that fit the nature of an essay outline. These have to be clear ideas that can be developed further.
  2. You can make up a table o a diagram as an informal essay outline. In this respect, you will need more creative ideas than for an ordinary formal essay outline. The main advantage of a table/diagram as an essay outline is that you can make any corrections and some notes without thinking about a formal structure. As a rule, this type of an essay outline is used when you are not required to insert it into the paper.
  3. You can choose a simple essay outline at the beginning and make it more detailed in the process of writing.

Your essay outline is a formal plan of your paper or an approximate plan of your arguments.

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