Any test requires one’s preparation. However, this concerns not only accumulating knowledge, but also understanding the peculiarities of a test. This article will help you to prepare to the CAT test.
CAT is the abbreviation for Computer Adaptive Testing. It is the new approach in testing which is considered more advanced and precise. Here, some hints on preparing to the CAT are provided.
Understand Logic
While everything is clear with the words “computer” and “testing”, the word “adaptive” seem to contain something unusual. There are many sources describing the CAT paper logic, they are available online. Learn about the mechanism of adaptation used in CAT.
Learn about Tests
CAT papers contain a series of tests. There are some hints on coping with the tests from a CAT paper successfully, for example:

  • Choose the best answer in the multiple choices, not just the good one.
  • Consider grammar: if the variant does not link to the question grammatically, you can exclude it.
  • First, focus on the questions which you can answer with confidence. Then work on those you doubt about.

Work on Real and Sample CAT Papers
Sample CAT papers are very effective. After you have learned about the logic of CAT, you can read the sample CAT papers and see how it works in practice.
Sometimes a test seems not difficult, but when you try to answer, it turns out to be more complicated than expected. Do not just read sample CAT papers: instead, try to pass the tests on your own and then compare your answers to those correct.
However, it would be not reasonable to omit reading past CAT papers. Do not stop at reading the latest CAT paper: instead, work with the CAT papers referring to different years to understand the logic of the tests and to practice.

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