There are different requirements for dissertation design which directly depend on the teachers’ instructions. Students should carefully read those instructions before getting down to dissertation design. The main purpose of this article is to dwell upon the general information and guidelines according to which students should do the dissertation design while writing. These guidelines are general and used almost for all written dissertations. This information is going to be helpful for those who have some problems with writing their dissertations.
Dissertation design hints
Dissertation design hint # 1
Students should double space the text they present. Arial or New Times Roman font should be used of 12th size.
Dissertation design hint # 2
The structure of students’ dissertations should be as follows, the introduction, the literature review, the methodology, the results, the discussion, the conclusion and the recommendations.
Dissertation design hint # 3
Students should properly organize the reference list. It should be edited in accordance with the citation style required. Students should provide the in-text citations in the same style as the reference list is done.
Dissertation design hint # 4
Students should remember that the research for the dissertation should be original. It is reasonable to check whether the research students want to conduct has already been completed or not. Students should consult numerous sources to be sure that the research they conduct is unique.
Dissertation design hint # 5
Before creating a dissertation, students should consult their advisors. It is important to communicate with the advisors as they should check the parts which have already been written and comment on those. The advisors may also give a piece of advice on one of the sections in dissertations.

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