Students have difficulties in defining what an expository essay is since various websites interpret the definition differently. Hence, one site proposes short and simple definitions, others provide long and sophisticated explanations. In fact, expository essays are just essays serving to explain some facts and to oppose them to a certain opinion.
What do expository essays involve?

  1. “How-to” descriptions.
  2. The analysis of some phenomena, events, objects or other essays;
  3. The description of a particular process.
  4. Expository essays can also dwell on a particular event that has a historical meaning. In other words, they can be presented in the form of a prompt or a guide for students to consult when writing a reflective essay;
  5. Expository essays can serve as a guide to writing dissertations or as an instruction for repairing your computer. It can even provide useful pieces of advice on cooking, washing, or cleaning.

Basic requirements for expository essays:

  • Expository essays should have an identical structure resembling usual essays with a five-paragraph format. The length is of minor importance; so, it can vary;
  • The opening part of an essay should have a thesis statement supported by facts;
  • Thought an expository essay is based on the facts, it should be written in a simple way for the readers to understand the scope a certain phenomenon or event. Be precise and laconic. At the same time, provide detailed explanation of complicated definitions.

It is of great importance for an expository essay to have a grammatically and stylistically correct content. Therefore, you should reread each sentence for several times to avoid any misconceptions. In addition, your expository essay should be interesting and attention-grabbing.

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