The play Hamlet by William Shakespeare is believed to be genius and immortal. This story is alive for almost four centuries and undoubtedly will be topical even more. The themes highlighted in the play are simple and complicated at the same time: love, betray, fidelity, difficult internal conflicts, revenge.
Due to the great popularity and importance of Shakespeare and his creation we have a lot of hamlet essays on different topics. Hamlet has being discussed for thousands of times by many scholars. Nevertheless, not all the aspects are described.
The topic of love in hamlet essay
The topic of love from different angles in hamlet essays tends to be very interesting and ambiguous. Hot discussions are present even modern hamlet essay. Whether Hamlet loved Ophelia or not? Whether she loved him or not? Maybe, the prince was not even capable of lowing? All these questions disturb the authors of hamlet essays to a really great extent.
The points of view in every hamlet essay may be different, unique and even extraordinary. No one can tell exactly that Hamlet loved Ophelia. His own words from the play are quite useless in attempts to reveal the truth. For example, once he says: “I love thee not.” However then he tells: “I loved Ophelia. Forty thousand brothers could not with all their quantity of love Make up my sum.” Now we may see that this point of the hamlet essay is more than contradictory.
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Most people are claimed to be law-abiding citizens of their native country. A great number of people are likely to follow the rules and observe the laws of other countries. It is natural when people conduct a research before going to another country.
This should be done in order to avoid some misunderstanding and ambiguity. You should know that some things are illegal in other countries, whereas the same things are quite normal for representatives of your native country. An article writing system can be a set of rules that will help you to write academic papers using a certain step-by-step strategy.

  1. You can read more literary sources on academic writing to establish your own article writing system. This would help you to consider all aspects of the writing process and avoid trivial hints for an article writing system.
  2. You should read more books and watch more movies. These sources can inspire you on writing a blog. A blog is one of the most effective ways to get a feedback on your article writing system. It is also a very effective aspect of putting theory of your article writing system into practice.
  3. You should practice your writing style and improve your article writing system. Progress should be one of the greatest motives for you to establish your article writing system.
  4. Do not try to follow someone’s article writing system because the writing style of every person is absolutely individual.

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essay writing strategiesHave you not developed your personal essay writing strategies and secrets of effective essays yet? Do not worry, because sooner or later you will figure out these principles that will always help you prepare outstanding papers.
Definitely, the sooner you learn effective essay writing strategies, the sooner you will start getting good grades on your papers. In this article, we want to share some good essay writing strategies with you. Yet, first it should be pointed that essay strategies can be split into general rules and some specific writing secrets. Anyway, here are more details for you.
Essay writing strategies: general rules
The thing is that general rules and principles of essay writing can be called the basis of an excellent paper. You will never find a teacher who does not appreciate well-organized and accurate essays that are written according to official requirements and essay writing strategies.
Let us remind you these general essay writing strategies:

  • always check teacher’s instructions before you start writing papers and follow them;
  • collect additional materials even if you are knowledgeable about a topic;
  • structure essays properly, include paragraphs, transitions, etc.

You will be surprised to find out that students fail papers just because they do not follow these simple essay writing strategies.
Essay writing strategies: specific writing secrets
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essay on PrideProbably, Pride and Prejudice is the only work of Jane Austen that you have heard about. Well, Austen wrote several other good novels. Still, Pride and Prejudice remains the most popular one.
Pride and Prejudice…It is an amazing story of love between two people, their ability to overcome difficulties that are standing on their way, and their desire to be happy together.
Before you start writing your essay on Pride and Prejudice, we want to give you several pieces of advice:

  • Even if you have read the book, watch the film adaptation released in 2005;
  • Find information about the author’s biography;
  • Learn more about various customs and traditions of 19th century England.

It will help you understand the novel better and give necessary explanations in your essay on Pride and Prejudice.
Finally, we can pass to basic themes of the novel that you may cover in the essay on Pride and Prejudice.
Pride and Prejudice
These are the central themes of the novel, and you certainly have to say a few words about one of them in your essay on Pride and Prejudice. Which particular character can be associated with pride or with prejudice? Do you think pride is more about positive or negative aspects? Present your vision of both concepts in the essay on Pride and Prejudice.
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college essay on career goalsTelling about your career goals can be a part of the application essay. Well, it is not surprising. The admission committee wants to make sure that you are an ambitious person who knows what he/she wants in this life.
As you know, that part of the application process, which is called essay writing, is extremely important. It is not only an opportunity to tell about yourself but also reveal some abilities of yours that are significant for your further academic life.
This is why several power keys to writing a college essay on career goals is something you should not neglect.
General recommendations for writing career goals essays

  • Be clear and coherent throughout your professional goals essay.
  • Keep in mind your main purpose – to create a good impression on the committee.
  • Make sure that you stick to a certain structure when writing the career goals essay. You will have to answer one major question. The answer might be quite extended. We suggest you splitting your answer into two or three pieces.

Specific recommendations for completing career goals essays

  • Do not describe too many career goals. It is recommended to tell about one or two goals in your professional goals essay.
  • Definitely, you can focus on several goals. In this case, make sure you give specific and clear reasons for each of them.
  • There are cases when students are not exactly sure about their career goals, but still want to apply to a certain program.

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Posted on November 2008

Writing about Old Bailey Sessions Papers

Old Bailey session paperSorry to disappoint you, but you have a little problem. You need to write about the Old Bailey sessions papers, and it is not going to be easy. Still, we will try to help you.
First of all, before writing about the Old Bailey sessions papers, you have to sort out two major things:

  • What is Old Bailey?
  • What do these session papers mean?

Actually, these are the easiest questions that can arise when writing about the Old Bailey session papers. Old Bailey is also known as the Central Criminal Court in England. Session papers are the records of trials held by the Court.
Hope this information clarified a bit your future task. Now, at least you have a general idea of what the Old Bailey sessions papers are. What is next? How can these Old Bailey sessions papers be used to complete your assignment?
Well, there is an approximate plan that we can suggest you. If you like it, use it for preparing your paper.

  1. You have to find real Old Bailey session papers. The most effective way is to visit this web site www. oldbaileyonline .org. uk/. It is a huge database of the Old Bailey sessions papers.
  2. You need to think of some trials held that are interesting to you. What should you do at this stage of your work?
    • Think about particular personalities;
    • Define the year when a trial was held;
    • Define the kind of offence (assault, riot, murder, vagabonding, etc.)
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history coursework essay uniqueDo you know what History coursework essay writing means? It means that you have to do thoughtful reading, conduct research, and present the outcomes of your work in your History coursework. At a glance, it may sound rather intimidating. Still, not everything is as bad as it seems to be. The tips on how to get ahead in a History coursework essay will be right in time for you.
So, here they are:

  1. What is assessed in your History coursework essay
    • Evidence of reading/research
    • Understanding of the subject area
    • Communication skills
    • Organization
    • English usage
  2. Keep to the structure required
  3. Your History coursework essay should be a 2,000-3,000 word project. You should do your best to complete it, since it can make up to 70% of the final grade on the course.

  4. Be original in expressing your thoughts
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Posted on September 2008

Save a Day with a Last Minute Essay!

last-minute essayMONDAY…
You wake up, do all that “morning stuff”, go to school, learn something new, get more written assignments and come back home. While analyzing all your home tasks, you discover that one essay should be prepared for Friday. So, you shuffle it somewhere to work on it tomorrow…
So much has happened that you have completely forgotten about your essay for Friday. You look at a clean sheet of paper and realize that it is supposed to be your already prepared essay! Now, you are at your wit’s end!
Do not worry! Help is here! It is high time to introduce you a last-minute essay! What do you know about last-minute essays? Definitely, you should not take it literally! It is impossible to create a good essay in one minute, and you know it.
However, if you have, at least, one day (or a half of the day), the idea of last-minute essays is not so bad!
Right now we will share with you some useful information on how to prepare a last-minute essay in a good way:

  1. Get rid of all possible distractions: to write your last-minute essays, you need only a pen with a clean sheet of paper (or just a computer), enough light, some notes you have made during lectures and something light to eat or drink (no alcohol!).
  2. Find a good reason to concentrate on your last-minute essay: possible F, weekends with your parents or, God forbid, no dates! You should immediately start writing your last-minute essay!
  3. Start composing the introduction of your last-minute essay. It is one of the most difficult and important steps in this process. You should find more powers to pass it through! Do not make it too complicated, think about something you know for sure and a good idea will come to you.

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Posted on September 2008

Coursework Info

courseworks infoIf you are about to get down to writing your coursework, we strongly recommend you reading this article. It will provide you with the courseworks info necessary for successful performance. We hope you will find the courseworks info presented below rather useful for you and benefit from it.
Courseworks info: Generalities

  • In a few words, a coursework is a kind of academic paper where a student investigates a certain problem within a certain investigation area. While researching the chosen problem, a student resorts to the knowledge gained during classes along with personal research abilities;
  • As a rule, a coursework consists of more than 3,000 words;
  • Usually, courseworks are submitted as an obligatory task. The grade on a coursework influences much student’s final grade on a subject.

Coursework info: Picking out a Topic
The major criteria that a student should be guided by when searching for a coursework topic are: personal preferences and interest, topic’s scientific significance.
Courseworks info: Main Components
As a rule, a coursework consists of the Abstract, Introduction, Data Presentation, Results and Analysis and the final Conclusion on the work done.
Coursework info: Main Requirements

  • Informativity;
  • Elaborately made structure;
  • Proper formatting (including citation, referencing, title page, page numbers, etc.);
  • Perfect organization.

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Posted on August 2008

GRE Issue Essays

GRE issue essayNo more need to be afraid of possible failure in the Graduate Record Examination due to poorly written GRE issue essays! You have just found a good friend in writing GRE issue essays able to provide you with essential pieces of advice. So, as far as you know, GRE issue essays are a part of the Graduate Record Examination. It means that you should be ready to prove that your knowledge is quite enough to be accepted to the Graduate School. So, read tips presented below and take them into consideration if you want to succeed in completing your GRE issue essay.

  1. Relax and take a deep breath. You should not worry, be depressed or think about your private problems when getting started with writing GRE issue essays. Any kind of work, including GRE issue essays writing, should be a result of writer’s proper concentration. What is more, hardly will your private problems be solved if you think about them while writing your GRE issue essay;
  2. Imagine yourself to be face-to-face with the issue of your investigation. It is a kind of psychological trick that will help to focus your attention on GRE issue essay writing. There is nobody in your room except you and the issue you have to deal with. Look deep inside it and try to catch the words it is telling you. Once you have got it, your personal position on the problem will be developed. Thus can be developed comprehensive thesis statements of GRE issue essays;

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