musical-essay-topicsIf you have to write an essay on music, you can focus on various subjects, such as the works of a certain composer, the historical development of music, ethnomusicology, or music theory. In case you are looking for great musical essay topics, you should read this article.
Music Essay Topics: Focusing on History and Culture
Students studying the history of music and its role in the cultural development of society can use the following questions and prompts as essay topics:

  1. Cultural origins of jazz and its development in the nineteenth century.
  2. What are the major musical innovations introduced during the Baroque period?
  3. The main stylistic peculiarities of Romantic music. Refer to the works of composers who worked during this period.
  4. Modern musicologists draw distinctions between “high culture” and “low culture”. How can these terms be applied to the music of the twenty-first century?
  5. What is the definition of popular music? When did this term emerge and how has its meaning changed in time?
  6. How can the term “folk music” be defined? Has the meaning of this concept changed in the course of the twentieth century?
  7. Can music be used as a means of propaganda? If yes, what are some examples of such usage?

Music Essay Topics: Evolution of Genres and Forms
The development of a musical genre or form can be a good subject of an academic paper. People needing great musical essay topics may choose one of these questions:

  1. What are the distinctive features of a fugue? What are the differences between fugues created by Baroque composers such as Bach, and fugues composed in the twentieth century? How has this musical form evolved in time?
  2. What are the origins of opera? How did this art form come into prominence?
  3. What are the key characteristics of space rock? Who helped to crystallize this genre?
  4. How does hip hop music of the seventies differ from modern-day hip-hop?
  5. Symphonic music and its evolution in the course of the nineteenth century.
  6. Sonata during Classical and Romantic periods.
  7. Richard Wagner’s revolution of opera.
  8. How did Niccolo Paganini change violin-playing techniques?

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term-paper-topicsNormally, professors try not to limit students and allow them to choose term paper topics independently. There are plenty of questions that you may discuss. If you are looking for interesting and original ideas, this article is just what you need.
Term Paper Topics: Questions Related to Social Sciences
If you major in psychology, cognitive science, or education, you may discuss one of the following questions and prompts:

  1. Discuss the so-called Flynn Effect. How do modern scholars explain the fact that IQ level has dramatically risen in the course of the twentieth century.
  2. Explain the importance of emotional intelligence.
  3. What are the current explanations of the savant syndrome?
  4. How can role-playing games shape the identity of a person?
  5. What are the criticisms of behaviorism as a theory of learning?
  6. Identify the major agents of socialization. How do they affect the psychological development of a person?
  7. Discuss Albert Bandura’s theory of social learning. Is it relevant to modern day education?
  8. What is the theory of multiple intelligences? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this model?
  9. Discuss developmental stages singled out by Jean Piaget. How can his theory be applied to the education of children?
  10. What are the major heuristic biases? How do they affect our decision-making?

Term Paper Topics: Political Science, Economics and Law
Provided that you want to find a term paper topic related to economics, legislation, or political sciences, you will also find this article very interesting. Here are some of the questions that you can use for your assignment:

  • What are the criticisms of free trade theories? Which of them are justified and to what extent?
  • Discuss the law of competitive advantage. Can it be applied to modern-day economy?
  • Can the policy of protectionism be justified? What are the cases when such a policy is necessary?
  • What are the key premises of behavioral finance?
  • What is laisser-faire economy? What are its advantages and disadvantages?
  • Should legislators pay more attention to the regulation of the financial industry and why?
  • Does existing legislation promote the interest of every community member?
  • Express your views on the issue of redistribution of income. Is it possible to justify it ethically or rationally?
  • What are the key lessons of the recent economic recession?
  • How did the economic crisis change modern companies?

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what-is-a-thesis-statementWhy should you learn what a thesis statement is? The answer should be clear. Understanding what a thesis statement is, and generating a strong one, can be your ticket to achieving the marks you desire. Let’s examine what your instructors are looking for and how you can strengthen your thesis sentences.
What is a thesis statement? Definitions
This is a declarative sentence expressing the main argument of your project. It identifies your position and guides readers through your argumentation. Imagine that you task is to communicate all the themes you will cover in your paper in one clear, concise sentence. The resulting condensation of your project’s ideas constitutes an effective thesis statement. Be conscious that the rest of your paper must relate back to this initial assertion somehow.
What is a thesis statement and where should it appear in your paper?
Some professors insist that a thesis statement open your essay; others expect it at the end of the introductory paragraph: Find out first! Wherever it appears, it fulfills the following functions:

  • focuses readers’ attention on the subject matter
  • informs readers as to your stance;
  • alerts reader what to expect in the way of proof or argument.

What a thesis statement is not
To generate a strong one, be sure to distinguish it from other types of assertive sentences, considering the following principles:

  • Not an assertion of fact
  • Not a title.
  • Not the announcement of your subject (exclusively)

What is a strong thesis statement?
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In order to complete a term, usually all students need to submit a term paper, regardless of their course or field of education. As regards management term papers, they are oriented at involving students into current business situation and giving them examples of real management skills.
You have to appreciate the task to write a term paper on management, because this field is vitally importance nowadays, in addition to being related to a successful leadership. A quality management term paper depends on how responsible you are in researching and writing, and how do you stick to the most important steps of writing term papers.
7 Tips to Write a Good Management Term Paper Step By Step
Organize you time and mind. It is crucial to be organized in the term paper writing process in order to facilitate it. You have to allocate some time to the research and to get ready to work hard and productively.
Choose your topic. Consider the aspect of management you are interested in the most. Moreover, it is vitally important for the topic to be urgent and correspond to guidelines. You may additionally consult your instructor to select a topic to investigate.
Wisely choose the methodology. It has to be chosen according to the topic objectives, because every topic of term papers on management has entirely different methodology.
Collect resources for the research. As for the resources, the most crucial issue is their relevance. Lots of sources can be found with the help of a thematic catalogue in the university library.
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Research papers on art are your instructor’s opportunity to assess your comprehension of art concepts and terminology. Your topic for a research paper on art will necessarily reflect your professor’s specific assignment.
However, as with any paper, you can often shape the topic to match your interests and past exposure to art, making your job much more pleasant. The following article provides some examples.
Often, in research papers on art you will be asked to examine, research and/or respond to:

  • An individual work of art
  • Two or more works, somehow related (in the professor’s opinion)
  • The total oeuvre of one artist
  • The work of one school/movement in art
  • Art trends in one time period (Millennium, Century, Decade)
  • Art of one geographic region
  • One genre (Painting, Sculpture, Infinitely variable other media)

These are, of course, not exhaustive lists.
Within each of these possibilities, you can find some wiggle room to personalize your topic.
Consider an example from the 18th century, Neoclassical painter David, The Death of Marat (1793).You can examine this powerful work in several ways, for example:

  • Composition: The compression of depth in the picture
  • References to revolution – is it a feasible subject for art?
  • Classical allusions
  • Is it realistic? (check outreal dead bodies)
  • Accuracy or abstraction as a portrait? (compare to other pictures of Marat)
  • Impact of the absence of the murderess, Charlotte Corday? (Picture Charlotte Corday and

You can apply the same sorts of analysis to many other works of representational art. Alternatively, consider aradically modern sculpture, Claes Oldenburg’s Lipstick (Ascending) on Caterpillar Tracks(1969-1974). Many questions about the work and its context would be applicable to many other abstract modern pieces: Read more

If you are assigned a medical report you will need to be clear, concise, accurate, and fully supported. Medical reports are a type of document that requires precision of thought, objectivity, and clearly identified sources for all assertions.
You should follow all the usual rules for writing exposition, with some added requirements. Considering that people’s health and life can depend on the information in your medical report, it deserves the best thinking, research and writing that you can accord it. Let’s discuss some possible assignments and strategies here.
Medical case reports document an individual patient
One of the traditional tools for the sharing and advancement of knowledge in healthcare has been the medical case report. You should know that

  • This genre is exceedingly rigid and formal in order, content, and style.
  • If you listen to how senior professors at your institution present their findings – you cannot go far wrong by copying them!
  • You will probably be assigned a case, but if given a choice, pick a patient with whom you can speak. The patient’s input can be helpful.

Medical reports have made medical history
Famous case studies have transformed medicine, for example, the first description of a heart transplant. You could contribute, as well, although economic pressures on scholarly journals have severely restricted the volume of cases published.

  1. Begin with a brief abstract or summary
  2. Start with the patient’s condition when you examined them, including the basic information on:
    • gender,
    • age,
    • weight,
    • height,
    • Vital signs.
  3. Then describe their
    • Background,
    • Work history (including potential sources of disease agents)
    • Symptom history
    • Test results including negative findings
    • Treatment and any response
  4. Give an objective assessment of possible diagnosis and suggestions for further possible steps if the patient is still alive.

These journals offer examples of case studies
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Media research paper is an interesting and fascinating activity in a person’s life. Possessing both qualities of journalism and certain writing talents, media research paper generally involves certain activities that any person’s life is fully intermingled with.
Not everybody can master writing a media research paper even though this person is a great writer. Media research paper involves visiting different places and talking to different people. Lack of communication skills may bother a person if he/she wants to become a promising journalist.
The following traits of writing a media research paper are required if a person actually wants to write it:

  1. Media research paper dwells on certain issues of major importance. They are as follows: media access control over the social activity of a specific area, explaining the difference between pure commercials on TV and real state of events in a country, language improvement of a TV reporters and news presenter, working on one’s diction in order to be fully understood by vast majority of the population. Writing a media research paper, a person has to specify all these details.
  2. Media research paper narrates about the structure of its work. Just like any other branch of social life including justice, education, health, religion, and many others, mass media is to fully inform people on the events happening in their country being free of any social, political and religious bias. Yellow press is strictly separated from the ‘original’ one. Media research paper writer is to keep this fact in mind.
  3. Media research paper pretty often involves events connected with politics and certain governmental decisions that officials do not really want to reflect in press.

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PhD dissertation example is available in different topics for the benefit of PhD students. These are ready-made dissertations. PhD dissertation examples are very useful for students when making research and writing of academic dissertation assignments. This article gives useful tips related to PhD dissertation example.
PhD dissertation example: Certain points to be considered
When students look for PhD dissertation example, they can consider the following points:

  1. Using PhD dissertation examples can be of great help to students when making research and writing of their dissertation assignments.
  2. Students can search for ready-made dissertations through internet and online database.
  3. Students must strictly follow certain rules and regulations when using such dissertations.
  4. Students must search for the required ready-made dissertation related to their dissertation topic.

PhD dissertation example: Useful tips and ideas
When using PhD dissertation example, students must ensure to consider the following tips:

  • The ready-made dissertations listed in catalog must be used only for reference.
  • These dissertations must be used for making effective research for present dissertations.
  • Students must go through the pre-made dissertation stored in dissertation database in order to determine whether that dissertation is suitable for their dissertation topic.

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Are you passionate on reading detective stories that mirror the reality of past time, including problems, disputes, and conflicts? The novel called Montana 1948 perfectly fits the above description because it reveals dramatic events happened to the characters in the time of racism and ignorance of human rights.
This literary work is the story about grief and disappointment, humiliation and discrimination, cruelty and family drama. This is why this narration is heavily discussed in essays on Montana 1948 that are assigned to students.
Themes and topics discussed in essays on Montana 1948:
Essay on Montana 1948: Coming of age
In your essay on Montana 1948 you can analyze David, the main character, who is considered to be the epitome of a coming-of-age person because the events of 1948 made him mature dramatically. In particular, your essay on Montana 1948 should emphasize David’s awareness that family name is very important because it impacts his reputation.
Essay on Montana 1948: Family relations
As it has been mentioned previously, family relations play a negative role in detecting Frank’s crime because David realizes that the influence of family on his life was huge. Therefore, he hesitates whether he should have contribute to the process of crime investigation.
Essay on Montana 1948: Crime and punishment
Certainly, your essay on Montana 1948 can be presented as a comparative analysis of two novels. In particular, you can compare it with Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment.
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General Educational Development (GED) test is a collection of five different tasks, one of which is devoted to GED essay writing.
GED tests are aimed at giving a certificate about the level of academic skills to those who have not been able to receive their high school diploma and have been out of high school for more than a year. It is not a surprise that those students have already forgotten the main principles and rules for essay writing. Here are some helpful tips for GED essay writing.
Useful Tips for GED essay writing
There are three main stages which students should complete while GED essay writing.
Organizational stage of GED essay writing
The first step for GED essay writing is consideration of the task. Students should carefully read it and make up a decision what idea they want to cover in their papers. Students should think twice as the discussion they are to make is sure to influence the idea they have chosen for consideration.
GED essay writing
Creation of the introduction is a starting point while essay writing. Students are to formulate a strong thesis statement. In addition, a paragraph should consist of at least three sentences. It is crucial. Paper organization is extremely important while GED essay writing. The main body should be written after the introduction. It is a good idea to use a three paragraphs structure there. This allows students structure their ideas and does not make the paper overloaded with those. The conclusion is important as well. The essay seems unfinished if students fail to present a good conclusion.
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