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Dissertation Sections: The Basic Steps to Your Academic Success

dissertation section guide

In order to write a successful dissertation, you should complete it according to generally accepted standards of dissertation sections. Keeping to the scheme presented in a standard dissertation sections outline, you ensure that your dissertation structure complies with the standards of academic quality. Read on and find out the basic dissertation sections that you should complete when writing your paper.

Dissertation Sections: Introduction

This dissertation section completes the task of describing the context and the background of the problem you want to discuss in your dissertation. In the introduction, you state the main problem and the goals to complete in your research, as well as the key hypotheses and research questions to be answered.

Dissertation Sections: Literature Review

This dissertation section presents a review of literature available on the issue and points out the unresolved questions.

Dissertation Sections: Methods and Procedures

This dissertation section focuses on the methods and design of your research, the ways you collect data, and the plan of analyzing the results.

Dissertation Sections: Results and Findings

This dissertation section presents the results you have obtained after applying your methods and procedures.

Dissertation Sections: Discussion

This dissertation section completes the task of analyzing the obtained results and establishing the main relationships among the results. In addition, it is significant to evaluate the consistencies of your results with prior research on the issue.

Dissertation Sections: Conclusions and Recommendations

This dissertation section focuses on the conclusions you can draw from the obtained results and the implications those results have for further research. Additionally, discuss the limitations of your research and the unanswered questions, as well as suggest recommendations for further research.

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