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Integrative Literature Review: Proving Tips and Examples

integrative literature review guide

An integrative literature review is specific form of a research providing new information about the chosen topic. It has certain nuances of organizing and writing, including citation styles and formatting. Therefore, it is necessary to show in what way integrative literature reviews can illustrate substantive contributions and findings suitable for a particular area of investigation.

The definition of an integrative literature review

First of all, it should be stressed that an integrative literature review cannot be used as a synonymic substitution for such terms as literature review or meta-analysis. In fact, an integrative literature review serves to summarize the main points of past researches and to draw general conclusions from a literary source on a certain topic. Therefore, an integrative literature review is more focused on identical hypotheses highlighted in the considered sources.

How to start working on an integrative literature review?

In case you plan to embark on writing an integrative literature review, this step involves the topic identification. It goes without saying that research takes much time and effort, choosing an interesting and challenging topic for an integrative literature review can considerably simplify this process. In this case, even sheer persistence and diligence can lead to the preparation to a successful conclusion where a meaningful topic awakens your curiosity and make you write a cohesive integrative literature review.

Arising from the above it is possible to construct the framework of an integrative literature review that is composed of the following parts:

  1. Consistent and robust topic;
  2. Appropriate and reliable literature;
  3. Coherent structure of the paper;
  4. In-depth research of the arguments;
  5. Bright examples;
  6. Proper format.

In case all components are presents, you can be sure that your integrative literature review will be successful.

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