Posted on November 2007

Government Term Paper

The students of Politics, Sociology, Philosophy and other departments are commonly assigned to write a government term paper. The main purposes of a government term paper are to gain the students’ understanding of the various states’ governments and their native, in particular, through profound research on the individually chosen topic and to develop the students’ research and writing skills with the help of writing a government term paper. Our today’s talk will concern the main principles of government term paper writing which you should be aware of when writing the paper.
To begin with, we should say that government term papers are usually done in APA or Harvard writing style. But you should better consult your professor about his or her style preferences and other requirements for the government term paper. Your keeping to them will contribute to the overall success of your government term paper.
Below we offer you the most common requirements for government term paper writing:

  • Double-spacing;
  • Citations and bibliography;
  • 10 pages length;
  • The title page is not the part of the total volume.

Now read some hints concerning working with the resources of your government term paper:

  • Make use of the reputable sources only;
  • Include at least 10 sources in the bibliography list;
  • Take notes when conducting the research;
  • Arrange your personal system of dealing with the notes which will make your research more effective.

Also, we want to supply you with some sound ideas concerning selecting a topic for your government term paper:

  • Consult your professor about the type of government you have to investigate;
  • Inquire him/her about the country it is preferable to work with;
  • Check the topic’s scientific value;
  • If possible, choose the one that appeals to you.

And the last remark concerning government term paper writing: always remember of the sphere you are writing about. Your government term paper is not submitted to History or Foreign Relations class. Though the interconnection between these disciplines and the one you are dealing with is obvious, you should not mix up the fields of investigation.
Stick to the point, be creative and the best results of your government term papers writing will not keep them waiting.

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