Posted on November 2007

Mid Term Paper

Mid term paper is a more or less detailed exploration of a particular issue related to the studies the student is engaged in. In this article we will dwell on the main aspects of mid term papers writing.
Normally the length of the mid term paper is 8 double spaced pages. Though, it might differ depending on the subject chosen for investigation and the author’s writing style.
Mid term paper topics are usually related to some issue covered in class, but not obligatory. When choosing a topic for your mid term paper, keep to the following criteria: the topic’s scientific value, its appeal both to you and your professor, your capacity to disclose the topic.
Your next step in mid term papers writing is to find the sources needed for research. Consider what literature may become useful and try to find the ways to get it.
Start researching the problem when you have all the necessary literature at your disposal. Elaborate your personal system of research. For example, create some cards which will render the main idea of the source studied. Also, the cards should contain the information about the author of the source and the very source which will be further used as references. Note that acknowledgement of the sources is obligatory and it should be done according to the norms of the citation style chosen. Your task is to inquire your professor about his or her preferences in the reference style and to follow his/her requirements.
The following is the suggested structure for your mid term paper:

  • Introduction – introduce your problem, state its importance and your reasons to pick it out;
  • Discussion – expand on the items identified in the introduction, suggest some possible solutions to the problem, state your opinion regarding the issue and ground it by the findings from your research.
  • Summary – draw some conclusion about the issue explored.

References – include them at the end of your mid term paper; make sure you reference the sources according to the norms of referencing.
Present some original research in your mid term paper and get the highest approval of your work!

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