Posted on November 2007

Book/Thesis Binding

In some colleges and universities it is necessary to do the book/thesis binding in order to graduate. The book/thesis binding is there one of the graduation requirements. It is not enough just to print your book/thesis. You have to bind at least two copies of your book/thesis, as the graduation requirement.
In this article we will tell you some basic facts about the book/thesis binding. So you should get prepared to read attentively. We will answer the most popular questions about the binding of the book/thesis.
Why do you need to submit two copies of your book/thesis for binding?
The answer is very simple. One of your book/thesis copies has to be added to the University circulating collection. The other copy of your book/thesis will be kept in the archives of your university. You may also bind additional copies of your book/thesis. These may be the copies, for example, which you will present to your advisor, or to your academic department. You may even leave it for personal usage.
What are the main requirements of the book/thesis binding?
Actually, the book/thesis binding requirements vary. They depend on the college/university requirements. However, some of the requirements are similar. For example, your book/thesis print should be single-sided. You should print your book/thesis on acid-free (“archival”) paper, so that the paper does not turn yellow or deteriorate. Before submitting your book/thesis for print your teacher has to check and sign every copy.
Useful tip on book/thesis binding
Since all the items will be bound exactly as they will be received, you should check all the copies before giving them for binding. Make sure that there are no pages out of order, or missing pages. Remember that library staff will not do it for you.
We think that this information is quite enough for you to bind you book/thesis. So, mention our tips while preparing your book/thesis for binding.

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