Posted on November 2007

Research Proposal Sample

Research proposal is aimed to convince your examiner or the committee that the topic of your research paper is worthwhile and that you will be able to develop your theme. Consequently, this short summary of your future research paper plays a significant role in moving on to the next stage of research paper writing procedure.
You are probably surfing through Internet and searching for a research proposal sample. Good news for you – you are at the right place, because a research proposal sample is provided below.
As an example, this research proposal sample’s topic is a connection between the lifestyle of an individual and his/her health.
Background section of the research proposal sample
It is necessary to persuade your committee that the topic you are going to research is exceedingly beneficial to study and that it will fill the need of the modern society: it is important to study this topic, since the majority of modern generation’s representatives have serious illnesses mainly because of their way of life.
Objective of the research proposal sample
This is the most important part of your paper, so here is an objective of the research proposal sample for you to follow: the objective of my research is to identify different types of lifestyles and ascertain their effect on the health of the individual.
Methodology section of the research proposal sample
Unfortunately, this is impossible to provide you with full information on various tools of methodology in this research proposal sample. So, you will have to work out your own system of methods and ways to research the issue, but, for example: analysis of psychological peculiarities of individual will be studied through questionnaires.
Summary section of the research proposal sample
This part is your last chance to convince the committee, so be sure to summarize the most valid reasons for researching this particular issue.
This research proposal sample and short overview of its writing tips should at least give you a general idea of paper’s content and structure. For further information it is recommended to consult your examiner or visit the library.

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