Posted on November 2007

Here Is a Definition of a Thesis

A thesis is an original discovery contributed to knowledge resulting from the investigation of a certain problem or issue. Thesis is a result of the systematic study of a certain debatable issue. It states the main suppositions, explains the significance of investigation, describes the process of gathering information, choosing appropriate methods, offers recommendations and suggestions. Thus, when we talk about the definition thesis we mean a treatise presenting the new point of view resulting from research.
Thesis is usually a requirement for a certain academic degree, mostly advanced.
Everyone should know the definition thesis because sometimes the meaning of thesis is taken as the suggestion supported by argument instead of research project. Thesis can be written on different subjects including Mathematics, Anthropology, Engineering, etc.
The definition of thesis: Thesis Content
The definition of thesis: Introduction:

  • Background;
  • Statement of the problem;
  • Purposes;
  • Theoretical bases and organization;
  • Definition of terms.

The definition of thesis: Review of the literature;
The definition of thesis: Methodology;
The definition of thesis: Results and discussion:

  • Presentation of discoveries;
  • Discussion of discoveries.

The definition of thesis: Summary;
The definition of thesis: Conclusions;
The definition of theses: Recommendations;
The definition of theses: References.
There are also so-called collaborative theses written by more than one student. Such kind of thesis should include abstract as to the responsibility of all individuals and a clear statement in the introduction.
Thus, you should know the definition thesis in order to be aware of what you have to write about and what the requirements for this kind of writing are because awareness is the major characteristic of the educated person. Being aware means applying efforts to any kind of work you have to do.

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