Posted on December 2007

Past Coursework – Bad Experience

Every student, at least once in his/her study, wrote a coursework. But sometimes, the coursework experience is not that successful as he/she would like it to be. This is one of the main reasons why students hate research projects. They give their hearts and minds, spend a huge amount of time writing their courseworks, but they fail.
If people always took the reality as close to their hearts as students do, everyone would suffer from heart attacks. That is why you should think philosophically when considering your past coursework experience that was bad. Every bad experience is still an experience. You just have to draw the conclusions from the past courseworks.
Many students, who had bad past coursework experience, loose believe in themselves and think they do not have either research abilities, or analytical thinking. They are wrong, because past coursework gives grounds for thinking about your mistakes and faults. Your past coursework is an opportunity to analyze what you did right and what mistakes you made. Only weak people consider past courseworks as something that makes them feel bad. Strong people just look into the eyes of reality and analyze their past coursework.
It also happens that the failure of the past coursework was caused by unsuccessful defense of the coursework. Not everybody has a talent to give speeches to the audience and as a rule, such people are confused during the defense, or even loose their heads. No matter how you defended your past coursework, you have a new chance to improve your writing and oratorical skills and start from the very beginning.
Thus, do not think about the past coursework experience, take a chance to correct your mistakes and show your best. Just believe in yourself and your expectations will be achieved.

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