Posted on January 2008

Guide on Term Paper Formats

A term paper format is the rule of a term paper design. Of course, there exist different term paper formats. You have to choose an appropriate format to design your term paper. The choice of a term paper format depends on the discipline.
In order not to make a mistake while choosing a term paper format, you had better consult previously your term paper instructor. He or she will tell you what term paper format you had better use within your paper.
The most widely used formats are APA, MLA or Chicago styles. In order to know all the requirements for this or that particular term paper format, you had better find the Handbook and study it properly.
The general requirements for all term paper formats are the following:

  • According to a term paper format, you have to use a high quality paper 8 1/2″ x 11″. The paper has to be white and clean. You are allowed to print your term paper only on one side of the paper.
  • The other requirement for a term paper format is to set the margins at 1 inch from all sides of your term paper.
  • The numbers of pages have to be put in the top right corner of each and every page, as a term paper format requires.
  • The text of your term paper has to be double spaced according to a term paper format.
  • One more requirement for a term paper format tells that the headings of the parts (as well as subheadings) have to be centered.
  • All the other term paper format requirements differ from one term paper format to another.

Whatever term paper format you choose, you will be bound to observe the requirements listed above. For more info, search for the articles devoted to the particular term paper formats at our site.

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