Posted on March 2008

How to Get a Dissertation Award?

dissertation awardA dissertation award is given to the students who made a contribution into the development of science by making any discovery or finding while working on their dissertations. You may be given a dissertation award by different Fellowships in a form of grants. Perhaps, this fact will motivate you to a hard work on your dissertation.
Do you want to get a dissertation award? Do you need advice on how to get it? Well, the information given below can help you with it:

  • You will get your dissertation award in case you have filled in special application blanks with detailed information on yourself and your project. It will be necessary for the committee to make the right choice of the candidate;
  • You can get a dissertation award in case you are a citizen of the country that will provide you with the grants. Although, there are cases when foreign students can also be awarded by the dissertation grants;
  • You can get a dissertation award if you provide full information on your achievements, certificates and diplomas;
  • You can get a dissertation award in case you are going to launch a career of a researcher or, at least, of a teacher. In other words, the committee should make sure your future will be obviously connected with academic study;

  • You can get a dissertation award in case you will pass through the interview. It is necessary for the committee to make sure the person they have chosen is quite adequate and promising.

Perhaps, having read this article, you may get an impression of the impossibility to get dissertation awards. Still, everything is possible if you believe in your own abilities and worthiness.
Every dream will certainly come true if you apply all efforts to its realization. Good luck!

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