Posted on June 2008

MA Thesis Writing

If you are a student of the Art Department, then MA thesis writing is inevitable for you. In order to get your M.A. degree, you should write a good MA thesis, demonstrate your writing abilities and obtained level of knowledge.
If you really want to conduct deep and interesting research and you do not know how to do it successfully, you should discuss it with your tutor and decide what MA thesis topic is better to choose.
In order to create a worthy MA thesis, you should be aware of the main requirements for its structure. You should learn and keep in mind the following information about MA thesis structure:
MA Thesis Introduction
Here you should demonstrate your intentions. Present the field of your work. Explain why you chose such a topic for your MA thesis. Be persuasive, be clear, and be formal.
MA Thesis Literature Review
Write about the sources, which were used in your MA thesis. Prove that they are connected with the topic and provide interesting information about your theme.
MA Thesis Methodology
Describe the methods used. Point out the material, which helped you disclose the topic of your MA theses. Tell your readers why you chose such methods for your MA thesis. Be logical and informative.
MA Thesis Data
Present all information you resorted to while writing your thesis. Offer your own ideas and prove them with interesting facts. It is not very difficult to do. Just mind that all the information you provide should be real! As you do not want to be blamed in plagiarism or false information presentation, you should follow these pieces of advice.
MA Thesis Conclusion
Evaluate your MA theses and the information you have. Present the results. Show that all your objectives were achieved.
MA Thesis References
Remember that you should present a list of sources, which will demonstrate that you have made much efforts and studied lots of books to complete the work. This will show that your words have certain ground.

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