Posted on June 2008

Literature Review Outline

literature review outlineMany students get confused when they are asked to make a literature review outline. Actually, a literature review means much more than just a list of sources. A good literature review should be based on a skillfully made literature review outline. That is why this piece of writing is devoted to the creation of a good literature review outline.
Before you get down to making your literature review outline, you should get to know its required structure. The following structure can be a good framework for your literature review outline:

  1. Introduction. If you have to write a dissertation or a thesis literature review, the first thing you should keep in mind is that the introduction of your literature review outline should also have a thesis statement. It will be easier for you to write a paper if your thesis statement is clear to you, first of all.
  2. Main Body. The main body of your literature review outline should be dedicated to all the factual sources you have collected. While making your literature review outline, it is strongly recommended to keep to a certain structure. Organize the sources either chronologically or thematically in your literature review outline. You can focus first on the viewpoints coinciding with your personal position, and then – with the ones that cause your disapproval or disagreement;

  1. Conclusion. The final part of your literature review outline is a brief summary of the work done. Give the answers to all questions in this part of your literature review outline. The answers to the questions should include suitable theory and your personal propositions.

Remember, your literature review outline is your “writing assistant” and the starting point of your research.

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