Posted on September 2008

How to Write a Term Paper

how to write a term paperIf you are assigned to write a term paper, take advantage of the information presented in this article. We suggest that you should take the following ten steps when writing a term paper.

  • Step # 1. How to Write a Term Paper: Choose a Topic.
  • This stage is rather important when it comes to writing a term paper. They say it is not you who find a topic, but a topic that finds you. It means that you will easily notice a topic if it is a good one. The characteristics of a good term paper topic are: it is specific, it is interesting to you, and it is valuable from the scientific point of view.

  • Step # 2. How to Write Term Papers: Locate Information.
  • The information may be taken from different sources: books, magazines, newspapers, Internet, etc. What you should care about is that the sources are reliable, scientific, and up-to-date.

  • Step # 3. How to Write a Term Paper: Prepare Bibliography Cards.
  • Libraries will serve as the main source of information for your term paper. Ask librarians how to prepare your bibliography cards. The latter will help you create a bibliography list, which will include all the sources that you resorted to in your term paper.

  • Step # 4. How to Write Term Papers: Prepare Note Cards.
  • Write out the most prominent ideas on different cards. These cards will help you organize the material at your disposal systematically. In addition, you may use these cards to create an outline for your term paper.

  • Step # 5. How to Write a Term Paper: Prepare an Outline.
  • This is where you can benefit from your note cards. Organize them in the following way: topics, subtopics, details, subdetails. If you cope with the task successfully, you will clearly see a skeleton of your would-be term paper.

  • Step # 6. How to Write Term Papers: Write the First Draft.

    Use your note cards and an outline to write the first draft of your term paper. Do not neglect to cite the sources you use.

  • Step # 7. How to Write a Term Paper: Revise Your First Draft.
  • Check your first draft. Seek for grammar, spelling, style and format mistakes.

  • Step # 8. How to Write a Term Paper: Prepare Your Bibliography.
  • Study the requirements for the citation style your term paper should be written in and follow them while writing your bibliography. Mind that when you fail to reference some source, you might be blamed for plagiarism.

  • Step # 9. How to Write a Term Papers: Prepare the Title Page and Page of Contents.
  • These are the first two pages of your term paper. The Title page contains the information about you, your instructor, school, and the work you submit. The Table of Contents is the second page of your term paper. It states the main topics, their subtopics, and the pages where you can find them.

  • Step # 10. How to Write a Term Paper: Final Checklist.
  • At this stage, check your term paper for the last time. Make sure your term paper meets your instructor’s demands and submit it.

As you can see, you are ten steps away from the best results you are striving for. Do your best and the results will not keep them waiting.

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