Posted on September 2008

A Nuclear War Essay

nuclear war essayDo you have to write a nuclear war essay? Well, it is not the most pleasant assignment, actually. Nuclear war is one of the awful tragedies that can happen.
The ideas presented in this article can be the basis for your nuclear war essays.

  • Nuclear weapon – prehistory.
  • When covering this issue in your nuclear war essay, present how and when it was created, when it was used, nuclear weapon concepts. As far as you know, August 6 and August 9, 1945 are marked by the first instances of nuclear weapon use. Two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese cities. Those attacks resulted in the immediate death of all living beings within the detonation site (half-mile radius).

  • Nuclear bomb effect
  • When talking about it in your nuclear way essay, give an example of one of the nuclear bomb types (e.g. Teller-Ulam design) and talk about its most dangerous components. Explain the way it destructs and gradually pass to the explanation of possible outcomes. This can be the main subject of your nuclear war essay.

  • Give facts about nuclear nations
  • You can present this part of your nuclear war essay in a table. Mention the nations that have nuclear weapon, maximum size and radius of a possible explosion. If you make this part of your nuclear war essay in a form of a table, be ready to explain it in words.

  • Possible results of a nuclear war
  • Can you imagine what will happen if all nations having nuclear weapon start using it? So, think this over and present the results of your speculations in the conclusion of your nuclear war essay.

Your nuclear war essay may also be devoted to the military relations between the USA and Russia. Nuclear weapon these two countries have will be enough to destroy the world! So, you may also write about it in your nuclear war essay.
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